April 18th 2012 Update;  Julius Malema was officially deposed as president of the ANC’s Youth League and is in serious trouble as there are several lawsuits against the man. The ANC party forbids him  to speak on behalf of the party any longer. Justice done!

Local elections and several new scandals over racism within the ANC fill the daily newspapers during my holiday here in South Africa. It looks like the political landscape is in turmoil. Normally I pass on political issues as Soul Safari is mainly a blog about music, but I want to share this remarkable news since the content of today’s post is music related.

Julius Malema

I was reading an interview in The Sunday Times, with Julius Malema, ANC’s Youth League president.  Quite an amusing and scary sort of story…read on.


What CD’s are you playing in the car?

Zakes Bantwini. I also like House Music. I don’t play R&B. I don’t like American music because it spreads American influence, so that is political. I would never, ever buy a CD of American music.



Malema likes House Music but doesn’t like American music because it spreads American influence!! Now, I ask myself; how ignorant can one be?

Does Malema realises that House Music was born in black gay clubs in Chicago, Detroit and New York?? That the music in it’s purest form created a new black conscience, way back in 1984 amongst Latino and Afro-American minority communities? That House Music has travelled via Europe to the Cape Peninsula where it developed into Kwaito, the local hybrid of House Music?

Malema is not only ignorant, the man is also famous for making controversial statements that are threatening the already fragile racial balance. The recent furore here in South Africa over the “shoot the boer” Struggle song has become a focal point for white farmers under siege after a spate of rural murders.

Despite complaints and threats of ligitation from numerous parties, Malema incites crowds to sing Dubul’ iBhunu (Shoot The Boer) at political meetings.

The ANC insists it owns the song, and says that if legal action prevents Malema from singing it, even if the song constitutes hate speech, it would in effect be gagging the ANC and the public. It is unclear today if there is indeed a direct correlation between Malema’s utterances and the increase in farm murders, especially in Malema’s birthplace, the province of Limpopo, but the situation remains dangerous for white farmers and their workers.

And just last week friday, Malema spoke at another gathering here in Nelspruit; ‘make more black babies,  multiply the black race, so that the black people will outnumber the white and coloured South Africans’. Now, is that God himself speaking or just a self-centred, racistic black politican babbling?

‘Teach your children well’ sang the American group Crosby, Stills Nash & Young in 1970.

A good message, especially for elders teaching their youngsters some values of life. But then Julius Malema does not listen to American music. Shame.

Teach Your Children

by Graham Nash

Teach, your children well

Their father’s hell

Did slowly go by

And feed them on your dreams

The one they pick’s

The one you’ll know by.

Don’t you ever ask them why

If they told you, you would die

So just look at them and sigh

And know they love you.

this post contains excerpts from the interview with Julius Malema, The Sunday Times February 6th 2011

3 thoughts on “Julius Malema speaks!

  1. grow up the man is right look around especially including our youth…?after all Mr Malema is the Youth LG Pres..

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