Good day to all. Today’s post shines a light on a rather exquisite album by singer and musician Nyboma from the Democratic Republic of Congo, the former Zaire; “Doublé Doublé”(1982 Celluloid, France). 

“Doublé Doublé” and “Papy Sodolo” were big hits at the time of release and they still sound as fresh and convincing as on the day they were recorded. It’s actually an excellent album from start to finish. If you like Congolese rhumba and soukous then these recordings are a very good reference.

The LP cover is equally nice, a painting from 1979 by artist Moke that evokes scenes from Parisian underground nightlife where the African diaspora was relatively small at the time, but the parties were lively, nonetheless. No wonder this album was released in France.

Nyboma started singing with L’ Orchestre Négro Succes. In 1969 he joined the band Baby National, then Bella Bella. After these collaborations he joined a band called Lipua Lipua, with which he scored the hit “Kamale”. When he left Lipua Lipua, he called his next band Les Kamale. In the 1970s Les Kamale was a popular danceband with their hits “Salanga” and “Afida na ngai.” In 1979 Nyboma was drafted into African All-Stars from Togo, after the band’s founder Sam Mangwana had left. They recorded the hits “Doublé Doublé” and “Papy Sodolo”.Another tune from the album “Doublé Doublé” is equally strong and appealing; Nyboma -Kabanga

Nyboma is one of the big names spreading musical greatness from Congo. He has worked with Pepe Kalle,Madilu Système, Kamale, Lokassa Ya Mbongo, and others.

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